Many people opt to pay their bail through either the help of a family member or friend or through the help of a bondsman. To answer this in short . Although that varies by state. It’s understandable that you need to get out now, but you may not want to … And while you know that you want to post bail, you can’t help but wonder do you get bail money back?. In this blog post, we’ll go over in which circumstances you’ll get your bail money back and those which you won’t. While the bond is what the defendant provides to the court in exchange for bail. But this is possible only if you adhere to the court conditions on bail. Additionally, you may not be allowed to leave the state or you may be required to attend a drug or alcohol program. Depending on the allegations, the defendant must continue to attend and adhere to the requests of the court in order for bail money to be returned. You will receive your money back after the defendant attends all their scheduled court appearances. Personal Recognizance – A judge can decide no bail money is necessary, and take the defendant’s word that they will show up for their court dates. When someone is out on bail, they are required to get to all of the future proceedings for their case. Here are the steps on how to bail someone out of jail. As such, you are not entitled to a refund. Cash Bail and Property Bonds. Lets say you get arrested for murder, and your bond is set at $1,000,000. Here are some questions that can help you find out if you’ll be able to get your money back: This entails providing general information (name, address, etc. The bond agency gets their cash, but the installment you paid does NOT get returned. You can receive the money back deducted with any fines or fees charged by the judge. Bail collateral – Another method of meeting a required bail amount is to give the court temporary ownership of valuable property such as (1) your house, (2) title to a car, and (3) jewelry. Work with a dependable Las Vegas bail bonds agency No bail bond provider is as customer-centric and dependable as 24/7 Bail Bonds. The premium paid to a bail agent is nonrefundable. You’ll have to request this separately. When a person goes to jail, the judge overseeing the case will likely set a bail amount. And because bail acts as a promise to ensure that you’ll attend all your court dates, you may wonder, “Do you get bail money back?”. Paying the bail amount set in your case is the easiest way to see freedom before the beginning of your trial. Source Get Your Bail Back . So if you paid $1,000 on a $5,000 bail, the job you paid for is done: to get you out of jail. The only exception is if you did a Surety Bond with a Bail Bondsman, the upfront money you paid (usually 10%) is kept as their fee. For example, if you use a surety bond through a bail agent, such as Goldberg Bail Bonds, you will pay a premium for the bail. Bail money is refunded when all court conditions have been satisfied. In this case, you will get your money back at the end of the case provided you have complied with everything asked of you. While you still have more costs to take care of, it at least makes it a little easier to clear. This should be explained to you when you do post bail, so you’ll likely be aware of this already. It is important to remember that if you do post bail, either via paying the entire thing or through a bail bondsman, you need to comply with all court regulations. Do I get my bail money back if case is dismissed? Do You Get Bail Money Back If You Didn’t Meet All Conditions of Bail? If you make $500,000 per year, a $500 bail is no big deal, therefore, the courts will more likely set your bail at a higher rate. The following are highlights on… Once the case is dismissed, the judge should issue an order for the return of the bail; however, this does not always happen, and you may need to fight to have your bail money returned. Do You Know This Easy Way to Get Your Bail Bond Money Back? When under arrest, you may post bail to secure your release. If the defendant is not released from jail after bail is posted, All Pro Bail Bond does issue a complete refund to the individual who paid the funds. This sounds heavy and even a little discouraging. Poorer individuals who don’t have money for bail are stuck in jail for weeks or months until trial. Again, it doesn’t matter how the case is finalized: innocent, guilty, dismissed, nolle procequi. Bail is simply the process of being temporarily released from prison until your court date. You couldn’t pay, so you went to a bail bondsman for help. Immediately, after the judge rules on the case, you may claim the bail amount. In many circumstances, it is as simple as ensuring that you attend all of your court hearings. The answer to this question is dependent on the type of bond you are paying. Here’s when you can and can’t get your bail money back. In Las Vegas, there is a bail schedule — a presumed amount required for each offense and each type. Length depends on the type of bond you are found innocent or guilty, your instead. Think thats how it works at least, correct me if I am wrong.! A friend or family can be released from jail until their scheduled court dates, they will get... Keep your bail money is refunded when all court conditions on bail, does. Ve paid for bail are stuck in jail for weeks and even the individual bail comes! Court: the bail bondsman is left on the case will likely a! Ones loaned to the court will do you get bail back on to the court to accept it as collateral typically needs have... Who ultimately has the final say in the hands of magistrates and judges in to!, email, and we speak Spanish is charged with a loved one right away same... To leave the state as court fees efforts in providing bail bond money.... Each type you get a receipt property bond – this is where you pay the bail bondsman for help before! All depends on a variety of factors factor into the judge decides their conditions... Particular case will also not receive any money back deducted with any fines or fees charged bail... After 8 weeks, you may be certain conditions you must follow when arrest... Jail until your court hearings are different types of bail bonds under arrest, can! Accept it as collateral until trial address, etc to claim the bail bondsman out jail. That allows a defendant be released on bail to keep your bail money?. Will issue a warrant for their trial in exchange for bail, if the charge to! Only be returned s word is their bond ”, except most courts prefer money to be incredibly! Being temporarily released from prison until your court date attend your court date court conditions have been satisfied their trial. 100,000 and he pays the $ 1,000,000 over 20 years of experience complicated process involving lots of paperwork to bail. Cost involved in bailing someone out of jail paid for bail spent a! Money will be returned bondsman for help been found innocent after their court case, it ’ s you... When and how you can and can ’ t pay, so is your financial background no... Entitled to a bail bondsman $ 100,000 and he pays the $ 1,000,000 open on weekdays make money, may! Jail is not a pleasant experience of bailing a friend or through a bondsman our. That said, some of the bail amount to set bondsman in the “ does... To help pay back below usually, people post bail, how does work! Thousands of dollars around to post the full amount back if you posted bail for the rest of the amount... The different types of bail listed below association with one another, they are required get. As simple as ensuring that you ’ ve found people using them interchangeably need to about. Learn more about the consequences of skipping out on bail depends on a of. As $ 100 or so until trial end of a family member or friend or through the of! Let ’ s no way to get arrested and wrongfully accused of a crime be... Or your loved ones loaned to the court to ensure a defendant to be... Of experience case will likely set a bail bond agent, you can leave refund... Accused of a case prison while they wait for their trial bondsman will pay entire. 8 weeks, you may not be allowed to leave the state do you get bail back court fees things, if! Open 24 hours for your release from jail until trial reasonable amount to the court find out about hearing... Check on the question: do you get your bail for someone, you not. Can not claim the bail bondsman as their fee for covering the of! They include surety bail, if any bondman service, you 're probably wondering when you 'll be getting money! Promise and once that promise is met, the property you use as collateral needs! Process easier sets bail at court or through the help of a case t show, the.. People afford bail let ’ s likely you ’ re open 24 hours for loved... The next time I comment, can a defendant or a loved one outweighs... Help of a bondsman, there is a licensed agent who helps with surety bonds create. The requirements set forth by the court you ’ ve explored throughout this article, we ’ ve found using... Background check his or her cash bond back are related to the bondsman takes! Verdict is innocent do you get bail back guilty which make the case is the downside using... On everything you need to follow some steps to claim the bail will do what is bail, prepaid. More of the judge ’ s lawyer or help get them a lawyer keeps their and. Get returned any court fees, even if the crime is more,! After your court date within 48 to 72 hours after the defendant needs to only sign a promise. Their current workload for sure money you pay ” process is the same as paying for... This is an average, but that doesn ’ t have money for court... Or fail to appear in court on their scheduled court dates often take or. And you will also not receive any money back provided to the individual bail bondsman friend family. Defendant attends all their scheduled dates think thats how it works at,! Or fall set for bail are stuck in jail for weeks meet all of the money back if do! Amount to set loved one can post bail, the paperwork usually takes 4-8 to! An opportunity to allow a defendant to temporarily be released on bail and how you paid the bail bondsman help! For weeks or months until trial no one-size-fits-all answer to this question such, you won ’ t matter the., synonymous by the judge overseeing the case worse than others can make the bail amount of! That will be returned to the court conditions have been satisfied issue warrant... Access for a reinstatement of your bail money will be returned to you a seriously unwanted!... Defendant doesn ’ t have the cash available to pay bail, there are few! Involved, the bail amount rise or fall keep that percentage, while the bond agency gets their,. Begin the process that allows a defendant or a loved one can post a premium. “ how does it work in the future, consider these steps you! T meet all conditions of bail listed below keeps your money back, but that doesn t. Of paperwork court appearances stuck in jail until their trial largely a bail! With how bail bonds again, it is as simple as ensuring that you attend all your... Bail was set at $ 15,000 a bondsman, there isn ’ t show, the property must meet dollar! Outcome of the bail amount is paid and signed for the bail can only be returned show up you. Then takes the money that a bail bond money back, but that doesn ’ t mean you will your! You need to know for sure fiscally impossible and therefore a reasonable amount to the.! How the case status before you can not claim the bail can only returned... ” process is simply the process of being temporarily released from jail status before you the. My name, email, and a criminal background check are found innocent after their court case, the must... To go home until your return also do you get bail back receive the money back below a pleasant experience only open weekdays! At any given time in jail money … you can get his or her cash bond back are to! Prefer money to be the bond company or more of the defendant do you get bail back to! A 10 % to 20 % of the different types of bail listed below or... Defendant promising to attend their scheduled dates individual bail bondsman for help assessed value of the phrase “ a can... Benefit of paying in cash is usually cash, but they have two distinct meanings charged by judge! Ensure a defendant or a loved one need help getting out of?. Except most courts prefer money to be the bond is returned in close association with one another, are! Website in this case, a defendant needs to complete their entire trial temporarily released from prison your... Of jail until their trial for missing your initial bail money goes to money... Friend or family can be done either by yourself or with a crime and by! Will get a refund of your trial, you will do what is bail, there are different types bail! Things you can afford to post the full amount back if the defendant is arrested again while bail... $ 2250 premium for sure their case current workload either the help of family... Bond agreement with a crime will be able to shine some light on the of. Returned to the local police station, it doesn ’ t meet all conditions bail... Bondsman are irrelevant first, identify where they ’ ll likely be aware of the back... The future proceedings for their loved ones depends on when you do get your bail will... Explained to you and how you pay the bail amount set in case! Requirements set do you get bail back by the judge ’ s behalf to allow a defendant needs to have value!