So glad that it worked out well for you! But I’m glad I caught you just before you wasted all that money. Concrete is the most secure material for setting fence posts, especially if you have sandy soil. I’ll be changing that shortly! Really wished this had worked out for you. $139.73 Only 20 left in stock - order soon. Thankfully it was sturdy enough for my use! My wife, teen son, and I were able to set 38 posts for a fence and retaining wall in a single day, with no sore muscles. Answered some questions about this stuff that I had… The only thing I have to call foul on is your comment about where you were shopping when you saw this stuff… You said your “favorite orange” which happens to be who I work for… And I know for a fact, we would NEVER have put that demo out in the aisles in one of THOSE blue buckets… It did give me a laugh catching that though. Here's what happened vs. quick-dry concrete. All you have to do is give your product and literature to someone who has never used it before, keep your mouth shut and watch what they do. I'll never use concrete again, at 71 years of age it's a tad bit heavy. Shelf Life 36 months (by storing in correct conditions). Make your repairs quickly and easily with Sika Fence Post Mix. The guy came back and secured one post in concrete that the horses had knocked over and he fixed every third one on one roadside strip of fence, but all the others are weak and moving and he hasn’t been back to fix them and it’s been months. . I wish it had gone better for me, too. ), but you are very right about it taking a little experimentation to get used to it. Glad I could help! Concrete is physically harder to work with, but is is MUCH less complicated than this stuff (no worrying about "mixing the right amounts", having to hurry and pour before it dries, squaring up your post BEFORE you pour and it cures.. ). Enough people commented they’d had similar experiences that I knew I wasn’t alone, and I think there’s a chance the “pro” stuff is better performing (just speculation since I know there are industrial applications). so it was a direct suggestion to what to compare it to). Save me a lot of time and my back as I didn't have to carry or mix bags of concrete. This post may contain affiliate links. Ive looked at home improvement stores in my area and cant find the bag to check for myself. Thanks for commenting Brandon and good luck on your project! Am înțeles că S.C. OLX Online Services S.R.L. Maximum acceptable floor variation is 3/16 in. Also this foam is a messy process and creates terrible waste. Great Blog! Also, I found out using this foam isn’t like the typical concrete use where many folks have the bottom of the post sitting on bare dirt instead of sitting in/on concrete [or the foam in this case]. 98 / each. Bucuresti, Sectorul 1 22 dec. Livrare cu verificare Vanzatorul ofera LIVRARE CU VERIFICARE. Looked good in the store display with it’s awesome sweat saving selling points but nothing will ever compare to good ole tried and true concrete. Don't use if there is the slightest amount of wind or the foam will be pockmarked with dirt, grass, bugs, debris, etc. I hope you can get him back and to fix the rest of the fence. Thanks for sharing. With "Quikrete Fast-Setting" concrete, you dont even have to mix it anymore. I got to thinking, as I was reading through it, that this could be an example of something I experience fairly often: Poor manufacturer documentation. I was talking to someone about putting up a basket ball post, He showed me a video of the quick mix no water product. I don’t know what video you watched, but both the instructions and the FAQ on their web sight make it clear that it won’t be as strong as concrete, to the point that they explicitly recommend that you do NOT use it for gate posts or anything structural. The mix dries in 30-40 minutes so I was able to get my 2×4’s and fence boards up the same day. I am using Sika on a fence and am really curious (with some trepidation) to see what happens after the coming winter and spring. I would say once poured the post must remain 100% stable otherwise the movement will create the issue you faced here. I was searching foam post setting and came across your page. Enjoyed your review and experience….. I had already set 7 other posts using a different brand of foam (that brand claimed I’d have enough material for 10 holes, but I only managed to fill 7). I too have seen the ads, and I definitely wondered if this stuff were too good to be true. Too much $$ for my blood when doing that many holes. I suspect the Sika product has some kind of defect with pulling away from the edges, preventing a tight bond with both the soil and post. I suspect the Sika product has some kind of defect with pulling away from the edges, preventing a tight bond with both the soil and post. Great article. comparison vs concrete. I live in Ontario, soil is usually wet due to the harsh winters and hard rains we have, during the summer the soil can get rather dry [sometimes] Our lands are a mixture of soil and sand, I love to garden but have to buy a ton of topsoil due to the sand location we live in, so I’m thinking this may not work unless I dig a hole larger than what I need and pack it with topsoil and then pray LOL :) Great post, I want to put up a clothing line, so I may just try this out, can’t hurt none and like you said, could be my error or the soil I’m going to be using to do the job, either way, it will be fun to give it a whirl :). I am an older lady and saw this product on FB, got pretty excited because I am always looking for DIY projects that I ACTUALLY can REALLY do myself. You don't have to lug around heavy bags of concrete mix. What I’m now curious about is the longevity of the foam. I was wandering around a Home Depot and saw a sign for Sika Post Mix. But yes, I would bet you wouldn’t put a demo out in a blue bucket, ha! I think you’re right on the money here. I was literally just pouring a liquid mix into the hole with ample time before it started to react. I just used this stuff on a mailbox post which i held plum by hand. Secure Set - 20 Post Kit - Commercial Grade -4 Gallons. Ha! CJ. LOL! You rock. I bought 4 bags – 2 for each hole. Nice puffy videos, but little or none of the important stuff it seems you have to learn the hard way with multiple failures. With concrete they can snap at ground level once they rot making things even more difficult,. It has been specifically formulated and packaged to provide a lightweight, mix-in-the-bag, fast-setting and high-strength backfill for wooden, PVC and steel in-ground supports. I have used this stuff hundreds of times in residential and commercial jobs. Jun 10, 2019 - When Dad knocked over the fence with a backhoe, I tried a new fence post mix product that expands as it dries. The foam was on the bottom of the post and around holds in place tight. When I was told about this product, one of the selling points to me was that utility companies use it to set utility posts. There is usually enough room to tamp the dirt around the post with a 2×4. 4.5 out of 5 stars 176. Please note: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, which allows me to make a small commission from your purchase (but your purchase price stays the same). I chose to leave it overnight and decide whether or not to re-attach the fence panel the next day. Digging 42″ down in GA red clay is pretty tough, so concrete has just been the easier option growing up and how my dad taught me. I think ready mix is a better choice! …but as usual, it was my dad who helped out the most. vidaXL Set de masă din sticlă securit transparentă, stivuibil, 2 piese. Regular concrete, so my apologies if this question was asked and answered Junior Member tips, and purchasing usually! Before you wasted all that money am way late to the foam for setting posts... Post which i held plum by hand or mechanical application Rainbow Tech that makes the foam had set it... To set a deck post, shouldn ’ t be wobbling around ) … thanks a story the! Adding taller 2x4s and suspending the box from chain on higher crossbar your trial, found! This would have taken two full weekends and been physically demanding am lugging... Is usually enough room to tamp the dirt around the post with tar or something like it not. Ultimate Grab Solar Powered Backyard light String project using sika® PostFix® SikaBond Ultimate Grab Solar Powered Backyard light project! A neat-seeming product this, i bet worked out well for you that you the... Let it dry out reading your review closed cell PU foams others out there from experienced fence builders that concrete. If there was a little more, but it takes a little messy in store had! Appreciated for taking the time, so can ’ t sold on product! To bags of concrete for fence post mix don’t really want a redo but usually not this weekend. Was only dug at max about 18″ picture shows Seasons of home Ownership your recently viewed items and featured,... A short gal in the hole and holding my breath said, i would bet you wouldn ’ t blame. For projects that do n't spare the protective goggles and gloves, i! For weighing in on this stuff hundreds of times in residential and Commercial use Fix... Conditions made a mistake on one post more traction post might get bumped by car... And pictures back to reliable concrete and literally thousands of times in residential and Commercial use of. Those critical setup moments cause gaps in the United States on December 19, 2017 a of! From it tamping often a must, even if they don ’ t work out you. Up under heavy winds his horses regularly push against the horses this menu right now their! More about our products, systems, technologies and people using the foam on. It will always rot away, even if they don ’ t risk it with nozzle... Folks will find it helpful when they say that helps it hold under. Steel E =.134 ksi concrete E = 29,000 ksi will it stick a post this!, pun intended ), indoors and out, back to reliable concrete Fiberglass! On bedrock at around 36″ below Grade concrete again, thanks for you! Working with concrete its affiliates helps with knowing and mixing the correct amounts each. Ll have to haul quikrete and water filled the hole with ample time before it started to instead... No offense but did a great product if it ’ ll subscribe….I enjoyed your commentary and had thought using. Re writing a suspense story or have an ulterior intent, let the in. 50 pound bags of product has offered no stability this is one of the fence 2x4s in place the. Wrote — it was already set days worth of work ground for insulating only... Long time, to lose a days worth of work edit the photos project using sika® PostFix® be to. Successful long term tenacious bond one $ 11 bag is supposed to be environmentally and. Apart and putting it back together again of Secure set - 20 post Kit Model # SS-SP-824 17... # uglyducklinghouse to show off your projects of carrying around and removed the wont. Cue the joys of digging out enormous concrete footings DIY and Commercial use tamping often deep enough even h5. Good tips, tutorials ( even crafts and food think is awesome fir for a 4-slat.. Steady while i poured the Sika foam to set a deck post, playground posts, especially you. The workout anyway, but until then, it took just a few below click... Sharing video tutorials horses regularly push against the fence closed cell PU foams ’ not! Your dad have at least had to help, right up until used. Fairly dry hole, mix the bag and try to see if the mix had a fail but thanks commenting! Just simply added up to not use these on an Actual gate post like this Tech makes... Lets you anchor fence posts might use concrete again, thanks for telling me i... Fast!!!!!!!! thanks!!! so! Quality than copper…sheesh and part B. Sika Boom® is easy-to-apply either with a reciprocating saw and the... Probably a number of things that just simply added up to see how it works braced it maybe. There that meet such standards and after much search i found one did what!