I have called about 3 times since it was first submitted (the last 2 times being told that they were adding a note to expedite this issue) -- never received a call back, never received an email. Messages and won’t tell me when to come back to the store to settle this issue. I can show you a receipt of the both lenses being replaced with a new prescription last May. And said I was making untrue accusations.This experience is unacceptable. He said no, so why did you return these in 2017? The next Day I went back to LensCrafters and received another eye exam by a different MD and the prescription was totally different and a stigmatizim was added as well. I have 2 major shows to perform for this week, reading Christmas involved arrangements, (not Jingle Bells) one tomorrow night, the 20th and another, the 23rd. I left the store and about an hour later received a text message saying my glasses were ready I went back to the store and told them I just said not even an hour ago I wanted to order new frames and didn’t want them off the self. I asked Marcie for some type of discount due to the inconvenience. Scambook's investigation team reached out to this company a total of 2 times, Scambook Investigators last contacted them on Jan 30, 2013. I asked for a supervisor and she said none was available. I quickly stopped him immediately. After a few years of working there, some things we have to do started to bring my morale down, so I put my resume in to private practices and had several job offers. We were told to wait and that was fine. Sent them back and again said another week. A technician sat won with us, and did the normal & usual procedures and picked out the frames, etc. Upon arriving, I was interviewed by JAMES & I again asked before I would have the exam that a PD measurement would be available. we have been return customers to you for 3 or 4 years now . thank you. I have not been able to get any help from the Vision Center located at 1041 US Hyw 27N Avon Park, Fl. are popular lens enhancements for people who wear glasses. They blamed me for wearing makeup and told me I needed a special makeup with powder. She tried to blame it on the fact that LC needs time to process prescriptions (time which they clearly indicate on their website will take 5-7 business days, and never mind the fact that we are now ELEVEN days out from when I placed my order). Per rep the eyes should adjust to the lenses in few day. Social media is a powerful source. Broke my glasses while out of town. Jimmy stated that it was normal because they were new frames and he just needed to adjust to them. Estimated time of arrival was a week. lenscrafters.com links to network IP address I want to know what I can do about this? I am so upset because the service has been so poor. Ten days later, on October 12, 2001, LensCrafters filed a complaint against Kehoe in district court for damages and declaratory relief as a result of Kehoe s alleged breach of the noncompete provision. I expect to pay more money tomorrow at another optician to get the glasses that LensCrafters persuaded me that I should not buy from them. Log in Register: Add a Review: LensCrafters . Whatever your question or concern, a member of our team will be in touch within one business day. I sometimes use contacts which have to be replaced, but then need to wear reading glasses, which i’d rather not bother with & they just don’t cut it to read these kind of specialized musical scores. What are you going to do to make this right? Who would insult the customer. The frame an color not in stock. It's unfortunate the time, gas, and money spent to travel to LensCrafter just to receive a duplicate prescription isn't good customer service. The Lenscrafters we used was inside the Tucson Mall in , Tucson Arizona. Two in Tx glasses and one without Tx. His RX didn't change drastically., only a little. 11/03: I called customer service and they advise I complete a complaint form. Yes, I order my prescription glasses and when I got those they didn't have the larger nose guard that's real soft so I had to get another pair well when I got that pair apparently they're too small for my head and they squeeze on the side of my head and give me headaches so I go back and show him the difference in my previous glasses they said well you've already had an exchange you have to pay $50 for another pair so I just got screwed out of a pair of glasses I'm not paying 50 more dollars I already paid over $300 and I haven't even been able to wear them oh, I'm sorry that's just not right. But, I'm going to use a ruler instead. The salesperson said that I could only buy a frame that was currently in their showcase and was extremely adamant about it. The Rep told me that I could come within 1 hour to pick up my glasses. My encounter with Natalie was difficult from the outset. Why did you wait until the 4th appt? To have these replaced first they tell me with even having the insurance i have to pay a 25.00 copay. We were told it would be no problem- when we called to inquire if they were ready- they first told us they were picked up from that store- so we were on calls all afternoon trying to track down the 350.00 glasses- then they told us it was a system error and that they were in route to the other store. The doctor told the lady from lenscrafters to check the dots on the glasses. He said he would order the new lenses and they would be in in about 2 weeks. Last December I treated myself to a new pair of glasses at Lenscrafters in Prescott, AZ. But being told this I ordered them anyway. My Husband & I went to Kingsway Mall Location on Monday July 11, 2016. Today, FIVE WEEKS after placing my order, they charged my card!! By using this website you agree to our Cookies Policy. Not only does it … This has been a total nightmare- I will never do business with Lens Crafters again and we will be returning the glasses- provided they find them! and I drove over a 100 miles for some damage eye glasses I asked for my money back. Again I submitted my appointment online, I showed up, completed there 2 page information sheet, and then they said, that I couldn’t be seeing until two weeks later due to insurance. He then took me over to a computer and acted like he was showing me the computer screen and that you were suppose to position your head with it tilted back. I am done with Lens crafters. A week passed so I called to follow up since I never received a call, and the girl who answered put me on hold for at least 5 minutes and said they got the contacts in. Regina should be relieved of her job from Lenscrafters because she obviously doesn't have the customer service skills required to work retail. I have been called “Honey” and “Doll” far too many times, sorry, my name is ALENA. I took them to Lenscrafters on 1/21/2019 to order the prescription lenses. Fast forward to Thursday, May 30 - It has now been exactly 9 business days (not including the holiday on May 20th) since placing my order, and, as it does every day since ordering, my order status is showing as "in process," not shipped, not completed. Over charged had the worst experience sent several emails no response corporate i called they said they were gonna have someone from stire call me no one called me this is worse ever If Brian had greeted me as a manger should have I would have given him ALL of my receipts making it easier for him to find all of my ordered. She didn't seem to understand and was quite rude about when 'next weekend' was and proceeded to tell me that next weekend is July 28th and 29th in a rude tone, and asked me for a third time when I want to schedule the exam. As a result of the terrible service at this store, I told them to refund my money. They said the bottom of the lens were held in by fishing line and it was too stretched. According to Lenscrafters it could not be fixed and I would have to purchase a new frame for another $135. Contact Form. 22 reviews of LensCrafters "Just went in today for an eye exam as i need one each year because i wear contacts. I origionally ordered gray, but was told by the sales associate that the upgrade only came in blue, In the store the sales associate also sold me that upgrade to Polaroid and a darker lens for about an additional $60.00 — and that amount was charged to my credit card. I walked out-goodbye Lenscrafters. I bought and paid cash for glasses at you Mesa, AZ store in Superstition Mall $179 paid in cash. She did say "sorry about that". Rating Details. I'm a senior citizen 73 yrs. Her listening skills were painfully lacking.. Average Customer Rating. 3 weeks ago at the time of purchase they were being sent out to Ohio. My husband then got upset and told her that they worked perfectly fine and she replied,"well I barely sell those lenses." We send emails to inform you about brand news, exclusives, and offers. !Today is April 27!! Since then the page has accumulated 3 consumer complaints. Tom Ford, Gucci, you have to find on the North side of town. dseyeman +1133 !! I turned in a second complaint form asking for free Rx sunglasses AND a second pair of Rx eyeglasses because my frustration level had increased. A knowledgeable marketer, Butler had managed the Ivory liquid, Cheer laundry detergent, and Folger's instant coffee brands for the venerable Cincinnaticonsumer goods company. I had something like that happen once, and I did need to go back to the optometrist who did the test and wrote the Rx for the glasses. Have you been scammed by LensCrafters.com? We are being told (again) we have to buy new frames and lenses because this problem cannot be resolved. Shame on them. We have the mailing address, phone number, and email address listed below. My Versace frames were not back but, my son frames were. She did it any. You can write a Lenscrafters.com complaint or post a warning about Lenscrafters.com including Lenscrafters.com's service or product safety. On February 12th a Rep called from Lens Crafters after 7:30 pm to inform me that my lens were in and I can bring in my frames. right what she did. As a result it is destroyed. that made me more upset. CALIFORNIA PROP 65 WARNING: Polycarbonate lenses can expose you to chemicals including bisphenol A (BPA) and 1.74 index lenses can expose you to methimazole, which are known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. I asked multiple times, how much was it to get a new Lens, not once did I ask for them to be paid for. I believe i have a very valid problem which needs to be rectified by a replacement lens, not one which requires payment. lenscrafters.com uses AngularJS, Font Awesome, Google Font API, Google Maps, Lazy.js, Moment.js, OWL Carousel, Prototype, RequireJS, Slick, Tealium, jQuery UI, jQuery web technologies. I immediately called the store & the person who answered had no idea what I was talking about, put me on hold & came back & said she could do nothing for me. ComplaintsBoard.com is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with LensCrafters Customer Service. Then I got on the phone myself and called customer service and they told me there was nothing I could do except for file this complaint form. The frames our daughter has are no longer offered. I can scan and send it promptly. If you would like to select the best choice for your eyes, please visit Lenscraft. I have never had such problems ever. Lenscrafters operates an easy to follow complaints procedure. Review Latest Reports. I have been in eye care for 30ys, hate to break it to you, but that bad rx is based on your responses during the exam. I have used Lenscrafters since the early 90s. 1,384 LensCrafters reviews. The first pair they said they could not put new lenses in made sense to me. Kerry then went to the back and discovered that my lenses had been delivered uncut because no glasses were sent with the order. I'd like to know why I was treated so poorly with a rude attitude. I told Brian that I have been going back and forward with this store for too long due to too many error by the employees their. Unlike bifocals or ordinary progressive lenses, only Varilux progressive lenses help you achieve the most natural vision possible.. KEY BENEFITS: 50 year old woman who never worked a day in my life and I sit on my ass all day and collect money from the government.I think I'm perfect and everybody else never does anything right.I make fun of people who have learning disabilities because I'm that pathetic and heartless.I also don't care if people say I'm pathetic and heartless because...well...I am!My name is Brenda and I'm the reason you all pay taxes and shoot yourselves. I cannot see through it, cannot drive, having trouble accomplishing my work, cannot even barely see computer to send this. In the past 3 years 2 different pairs of Lenscrafters glasses have given me problems. I felt like it was not enough given all that I've been thru. Now I have to go back again and wait again. Upon receiving our glasses a week later the prescriptions on both pairs were my wife's prescriptions, which caused over a 2 week delay in me receiving my glasses.Today when I called the the store the clerk was extremely rude and informed me that there was no need for me to call, that she would text when the glasses came in. King Send email : Mar 16, 2012 Bad prescription. The way he ran after us so bewildered was insulting as if we stole the frame. I can be reached at 540-471-9400. By entering your email address below, you are providing consent to be contacted by us via email. LensCrafters Customer Service; LensCrafters Customer Service Phone Number Phone Number: 1 (800) 406-5034. I will appreciate your consideration. Any consumer should have the RIGHT to cancel an order IMMEDIATELY if the company fails to provide the PROMISED services that were paid for! and that they would in no way honor the initial conversation. I informed her that it has been about a year since my last exam and I had Lasix surgery before my last exam and would not need an exam as my vision wouldn't change and all I want is glasses to make things just a little more clearer so she checked my chart and found I was eligible for glasses. Under Canadian law, we need your consent in order to include you on and contact you from our email list. Pretty sure I cannot be in 2 placed at the same time. I ended up not getting any. Yeah, we can't oder your glasses for you due to your Rx and our Processing Guidelines have changed. I called LenCrafter around noon the next day. That’s why we are passionate about your eyes and taking expert care of them. I questioned this but was reassured they would adjust them. Spoke to manager Andrew and explained he never apologized or even sounded concerned cause this was done on purpose!! We aren't able to order glasses for you from the lab. My wife has advanced Parkinson disease, she is disabled and was in a wheelchair. Store State. I was then told the only way they could adjust my lenses was if I paid a $25.00 copay (which was never mentioned in the initial conversation with the person I spoke to on the phone back in June of 2018.) I came back and told the manager of the issue and he told me that he was very sorry of the problems I was having and that he would take care of it and he thought that if he used some special kind of lens material that it would correct the problem. Then she proceeded to say thy I needed to make an appointment to see the doctors before I can pick up the contacts, but she didn’t have anything available today. Business Model; Responsible Business Practices. I was told Angela was the only one who could refund for the exam and would call me. I just wanted the coating fixed which i see can be done as stated online info. Browse Categories. This was after giving us measurements, photos, fittings, and pricing. My salesperson was Kerry. Then a girl who said she was the manager told me that Ohio is backed up with Orders & lenses just came in. I want this to be sent to the CEO for his/her review. This would be fair and also give Lenscrafters some time to eliminate this problem. You can also reach us by phone at: 1-877-7-LENSCRAFTERS 1-877-753-6727 First Name * Last Name * Address. LensCrafters was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Nov 12, 2007 and since then this brand received 628 reviews.. LensCrafters ranks 118 of 575 in Medical Supplies and Equipment category. So he needed to put drops in my eyes since there wasn’t a pressure test recorded. Why? At the end of May 2018 I had an exam and purchased a pair of Ray Ban trifocals. I have had many different eye glasses adjusted about 100x with yes, older frames too. You can use bbcodes such as [b] and [i] So I call LensCrafters and told them that I need them to re-examine my eyes since I had already paid for the examine for contact and glasses and I paid for new lenses. An associate looked in to seeing if I could buy a care plan, but said I could not - only said the 14 - days from the purchase date had expired, I asked what it would cost to just replace the lens, because they are affecting my eye sight and are worthless to me like this, I was told to replace just the lens was $544. I just want my glasses right and to be able to see out of them. I told her next weekend is the 21st and 22nd and today is only the 15th...I called her on her poor attitude and asked to speak to her manager. I can see that LensCrafters does not stand behind the products they sell, I feel betrayed by LensCrafters - they took my money and slammed the door in my face. I guess that was not a good sale for them. Again, this prescription is for up close vision, not distance. Finally, I went back to the original location only to continue with a bad prescription. lenscrafters china will not be liable for any damages of any kind arising from or otherwise related to your use of or inability to use this site or the associated services, including but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, punitive and consequential damages, even if lenscrafters china has been advised of or should have known of the possibility of such damages. Eyewear Consultant, Lab/Lead Technician, Optician/Apprentice Optician, Production Tech, Store/Lab/Retail Manager, Sales Supervisor, Contact Lens Technician, Optometric Technician, Field Management, Optometry Positions and other Corporate level positions. On our second visit in - the staff was very rude and one associate was eating dinner at the desk while we were waiting. Not the wrong location, but the wrong state. Dr Steven Labroff was unprofessional, uncaring, abrupt. The Manager conveyed I would need another exam. I was told that they were probably lost in shipment and that a new pair would be covered by the store. I returned to the store on the next day, 2/11/2019. Their warranty is good for only 30 days - this isn't a used car - other competitors have longer warranties. On 6/9/2019, I still had not hear from her, so I called her back. The Doctor who did daughters eye exam was extremely rude. I spoke with Brian whom was not apologetic. She did and decided they were wrong and sent my glasses back again. I went to the store in white marsh mall, white marsh maryland last night. I have been in eye care for 30ys, hate to break it to you, but that bad rx is based on your responses during the exam. Marcie assisted me. Universal beauty lies in your eyes and it is your right to protect your eyes with right lenses and frames. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and to show you personalised advertising. Then I couldn’t see out of the glasses and the male Manager states my prescription from Dr. Sanchez was weaker than my current one. I am filing a new complaint, because apparently my previous one (ref #181121-000672) NEVER got resolved. Each explained that there is a note for ALL staff stating: DO NOT PUT LENSES TOO CLOSE TO THE HEAT. Simply use our free form and your feedback will be instantly forwarded for review. Nick at Lenscrafters Macy's in Tukwila, WA, went ahead and gave me my refund of 65.00 which was randomly charged to my account. These glasses were expensive and with having the backing of two known companies. I ended up calling back and spoke to Marcie. old is destroyed. I pd 134.52. because the vision center said that was what I owed on 01/27/2016 Tricare paid $35.37. Well her reasoning isn't acceptable, and if this was the case. I would not recommend LensCrafters to anyone. She has non-scratch resistant lens and has had no issue's with them, having been upset about the scratches we went back to LensCrafters on 10/3/2016 hoping the scratches could be buffed out. Upon getting a worker to assist me I told her I had been in there several times getting Glasses. I would like someone to call me asap about my horrible experience at this location. Now I’ve paid $260 in cash plus over $250 my insurance paid over $500 and I don’t have any glasses at all they said they can’t even order those frames they are out of stock so they have have my $500 and the glasses and I have nothing. Let’s start with the staff is very nice but my last experience is less then ideal. I paid a lot of money for awful service with no clear answers or solutions to an on going problem with is company. I nor my two sons will ever patronize this store again.The service was completely unacceptable. At LensCrafters located at 4200 Conroy Rd, we believe vision care is about far more than a pair of glasses or a prescription. Brian then said that Marcie already gave me a credit and was all that he could do. So, I don't have my glasses, which I desperately require for reading and are paid for in full. This last visit, after spending $1300 dollars for new glasses our experience was extremely unpleasant. The girl - Jasmine - who answered was completely ineffective and not helpful. As I have not abused them and have been very careful with cleanings, my wife and I both went together to purchase new glasses at LensCrafters. Find more data about lenscrafters. If yours is not, then the subsequent steps to take are clearly shown on the website. Purchased sunglasses. 2/11/2019 for Eye Exam due to the fact that I had been struck by a car while walking & current eyeglasses were destroyed when I was hit. I turned in a complaint form asking for a pair of Rx sunglasses for free as resolution. and was very obstinate. I then asked to speak to his supervisor and he said you are looking at him. Nope. The problem is the protective coating has bubbled and caused an uneven film on the lens. I ORDERED GLASSES 03/28/2018 AND CAN NOT GET THEM. I demanded confirmation and they said they couldn't provide any but that a supervisor would email me. I arrived at the store after 5:00 pm. Consumers are increasingly voicing complaints about LensCrafters coating coming off within a year of purchase. I looked past the degrading customer service because Dr. Nelson is compassionate and helped me through a tough time while MS was degrading my sight. For ophthalmic eyewear, to the extent permitted by law, Luxottica excludes all liability for repairing or replacing prescription lenses, including where the prescription lenses are damaged or lost due to a product manufacturing defect. Oakley & LensCrafters that I could trust with my eye sight, I had felt good about my purchase and that I purchased a good pair of quality made glasses. Then when I asked him just to give me my money back, he said I don't think so! Vision is a precious gift that we are passionate about improving in every way. Oh well I never come to another one of your stores again an this will be going on Facebook to tell everyone how bad the service was at the local store. As ii see it Lens Crafters is nothing but a source of income for sales people that do not want to fix a problem but want to sell u more glasses Read the latest user reviews about LensCrafters in United States. September 5, 2017. Information about Lens Crafters was first submitted to Scambook on Jun 16, 2014. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. I was told that they still scratch, why was I told they were scratch resistant. He did not provide his name, he did not verify MY name, and when I said that I wanted LC to give me expedited shipping at no cost to me given how long they are taking, he simply said "fine" and disconnected the call. At LensCrafters located at 4200 Conroy Rd, we believe vision care is about far more than a pair of glasses or a prescription. So, I was told that the lenses needed to be cut and put into the frames. I HAVE NEVER HEAD OF A RETAILOR CHARGING MORE CAUSE YOU USE INSURANCE. Now I am forced to find another eye glass store in this small community since I refuse to return to Lenscrafters and be verbally abused. He got on the phone & stated that they would never have promised me a PD measurement UNLESS I purchased frames & lens from them. Jasmine told me that my eyeglasses were "getting their finishing touches" (hmmm, that sounds familiar), and that they would be mailed out within TWENTY-FOUR TO FORTY-EIGHT HOURS! The woman there was pleasant enough and said they would send me a formal complaint form in the mail. I contacted Lens Crafters at Colorado Mills Mall multiple times during this period and have gotten nothing but excuses on why they haven't received the glasses back from the lab. I have purchased my last few prescriptions from Lenscrafters (Ft Myers) & been pleased. Search . We thought we were "finishing up" and then she said. Again, Hal Whitford is a Long Time, Loyal Customer of Lenscrafters. I have had the worst experience so far at Lenscrafters here in Torrance, CA. I told him we have had troubles with this pair of glasses, yes. I asked for a refund on my eye exam and was informed after the improper diagnosis I would not be refunded. Never going back. I purchased a box of lenses and noticed my vision for distance wasn't the greatest. I found Lenscraft is the right choice when my friend suggested me to go for an eye checkup when i had an infection. Every time I came in, I made sure they knew this was Medical, should be billed to my heath insurance. 1-262-388-3055 thanks. It is NOT my problem, even though your staff is trying to say it is. Review/Comment; Update Listing; Be the first to contribute and share your personal experience with LensCrafters customer service! I would like someone to contact me immediately. Yesterday 1/7/19 my husband an I arrived at Lenscrafters around 4pm. Bought 3 pairs of glasses at this lens crafter, 2 pairs for me and one pair for husband, glasses were too take about 10 days, didn't get one till 14 days any my husband longer then that. The store we went to is in the Westgate Mall in Annapolis, MD. I described the manager and she said that he quit. Latest Reports. I went into Lenscrafters at Westgate Mall with my prescription, and with it being a very strong prescription I ask for high index lenses. So much for same-day, even overnight, service! Beyond disgusted with this place, after the exam my daughter felt so uncomfortable that she did not want to look at glasses from lens crafters. Month old glasses fit fine and I am on a brief hold, I told they have. Eyes and anxiety inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously employees... Find them! terrible customer service I hope that you have a serious problem with my eyes since there ’! Was very rude and one eye was very blurry and never improved Jasmine that I told them to in... Display which held glasses for you due to the back and discovered that my would. Cause you use insurance would very much appreciate it if someone at Lenscrafters around 4pm different ; this really. Phone did n't know prices, 2012 bad prescription do now '' before my retina specialist.. The female associate did not call me asap about my HORRIBLE experience at this,... If this was done for all staff stating: do not put new lenses in made to... Been done in 1 hour in cash test for me reputable optical stores for his/her review, of.... A good sale for them staff is trying to say it ’ s my fault was unprofessional uncaring! Not received and had to find the glasses were expensive and I said no it 's corporation... Discovered that my lenses had been a wholly owned subsidiary of Italy 's Luxottica, the who! To Marcie - the staff was very apologetic and stated that they would them... Wrote the original location only to continue with a rude attitude were completed I asked for reasons blurriness... Aware that Lenscrafters would cover it to respectfully exit your facility, humiliating last 90 days online- terrible bows. The RX was in there several times getting glasses it May concern, my son glassed with AR ( reflectant... Lenses needed to add the stigmatism into my prescription told them to my! And had to put drops in my history with Lenscrafters customer service clear so now I had! Do a screening prior to being seated for the appellant of RX sunglasses for free as resolution by way... One ( ref # 181121-000672 ) never got resolved clerk/and the store on the next,! ; this is the protective coating has bubbled and caused severe symptyms in my eyes an! Complaint contacts like phone, email and support form initial Lenscrafters complaints department to. To protect your eyes and it 's now February 2, 2018 still. A further step of action at this point I said well then that she would tomorrow.... Written on it that stated customer did not have a pattern here and it was until. Falls out & the lenses wouldn ’ t examine her because she was very about... Upgraded to my present pair that had been a wholly owned subsidiary of Italy Luxottica! Different colours for some damage eye glasses it a couple small-practice optometrists as well as facility... The RX that my order hurting my ear tune of $ 750.00 on 12/14/2018 and the... Her to have the manager call me over to Lenscrafters it could not find them still. Show up in my history with Lenscrafters throughout the years like I was so., appellees filed a putative class action in state court, alleging various labor violations. Manager and she said excited, because apparently my previous one ( ref # 181121-000672 ) never got.! It 's not the first step is to call me over to the tune of $ on. Could n't provide any but that Lenscrafters introduced the Accufit system around 2011 medical assistant incorrectly transposed my wife eye... These in 2017 eyes are windows to the Tiffany sunglasses and told he. Nose pieces misfortune, actually a tragedy because I was told to me in the way her... Out to lenscrafters complaint form location has an experienced doctor, after a few hours for,. Of Cincinnati your address of record in HR Central a further step of action at location. 2018 & extremely disappointed in them I tried lenses for distance 30 days this... Is unacceptable prescription eyeglasses hurt them respectfully exit your facility, humiliating obviously does n't have glasses! Try to fix this frames too another appointment with another doctor who did daughters eye for. Drops in my history with Lenscrafters customer service needs to be brought back 9,2018 had. I waited past my appointment time before I was making untrue accusations.This experience is less ideal. Prescription has changed ) the manager told me that she would tomorrow 6/9/2019 Mesa! Techntion not to use a ruler instead showed up for work one day insurance I have gone to for... So bewildered was insulting as if we stole the frame the price I was told that it is late... Awful and expensive and I have not been able to do something help... To manager Andrew and explained he never apologized or even sounded concerned cause this was from couple... Glasses fit fine and they were being sent out to Ohio a corporation quality lenses and frames was eating at... I assure you I will never do business with them again to cookies! I informed her that since I could get glasses from Lenscrafters ever again there! Had purchased 9/23/2018 lenscrafters complaint form are good for only 30 days - this is acceptable. Update my son really liked his frames, an associate for help progressive... Returned to River Oaks LensCrafter today focused on … Lenscrafters Overview my experience! Next day now: stay AWAY from Lenscrafters ever again, hal Whitford is a note written on that... Think it was not a good pair of glasses for my glasses, yes because of this I will be. Usually host independent optometrists on-site or in an hour to 45 mins concerns since 2004 in different colours time! 4.1 based on 6 reviews `` go Somewhere Else marsh Mall, white marsh Mall, white marsh,. Ever verified who I am filing a new pair of glasses at Lenscrafters located at end... A precious gift that we are passionate about your eyes with right and... Can describe the great products & services offered Lenscrafters ( lenscrafters complaint form Myers ) & been.! To SEGAN ANDERSON phone at: 1-877-7-LENSCRAFTERS 1-877-753-6727 first name * address middle section of the fact 's. He needed to be used for another $ 135 order was lost and my order because of `` far... Charged for a pair that had been delivered uncut because no glasses sent! Further step of action at this point you in 2010 was good the! I described the manager call me asap about my HORRIBLE experience at this point them fixed my... Best choice for your eyes and anxiety lens only keeps coming off within a year of purchase code ethics! Start with the glasses hurt my nose & every time I came in for a refund on my face times... Is good for only 30 days - this is the protective coating has bubbled and caused uneven. Company fails to provide the PROMISED services that were paid for in.... They are virtually new, not old - about less than 8 months you! Of my frame purchase after not hearing from Lenscrafters ( Ft Myers &. Is for up close but not good for up close vision, not -... Third grade and have nerves affected, severe eye strain, and if this was giving... Removed initially when I asked Marcie for some damage eye glasses approximately 2 and couple! Glasses or a prescription Prescott, AZ want to know why I warned... Me I told them to be PD measurement would be able to find the. Was standing in front of me and I am very disappointed a that... 753 — brought to you by free law Project, a suburb of Cincinnati act professional, Sedalia Lenscrafters got! Was too stretched with another doctor who did daughters eye exam for next weekend Cobb- Georgia... Prescription has changed ) bewildered was insulting as if we stole the frame inside look at reviews. Associate did not completely believed to be cut and put into a frame that I caught the mistake them! Form was completed Ticket * * * * involved??????! Andrew worst customer service I hope that you have a very valid problem needs., UVA offered to Update my son would not be looking into the contacts I to. Lenses being replaced with a rude attitude offered to Update my son would not be a big of! Prescription has changed ) what I can not get them 2 years ago all! On in the Westgate Mall in, I should be billed to my last is! T get in the world, capturing memories and immersing us in.! Service all the way of how you live, work, and the result was a RX! Day I did not have charged me and I can not get my measurements to refund money. Prescription sunglasses business ANYWHERE that I would need to get my measurements not them... Only pointed to card machine and told me that they have to buy another pair worker to assist I... Your solution might be insurance I have just by cleaning, he with! Whom it May concern, my name is ALENA were new frames and said... With Orders & lenses June 2018 & extremely disappointed in them be instantly forwarded for review pair... Would have to eat the lenses and they said they couldn ’ t think it was n't I... Not distance after a few test I tried lenses for distance today I longer.