Yet other ugly parts I feel anxious but I know I could show someone, where my breasts I feel like I couldn't make myself take my bra off. You must be able to watch someone being cut,along with blood and guts. Where I am, I actually see GS hate on medicine more than the other way around. Medicine is a 24/7 field and Surgery is one of the hardest fields because you need to (A) first know everything to the fine print or else you will cut a vessel and (B) be able to endure long periods of endless mechanical work whether it involves retraction, suturing, cauterization, etc. 3. she cried out. Surgery techs take general precautions to protect themselves from getting splashed with too much body stuff. Sometimes it's deserved, but not always. Because they feel like it. It is hard work and you have to pass microbiology, anatomy& physiology, medical terminology, gowing and gloving,and several other classes. God created surgery for people who hate themselves even more than I do. I was a surgical tech for 9 years. I don't like Surgery, but I hate this attitude. Because they want to. Sometimes, we wear goggles -- occasionally, even a full-head hood (or spacesuit, as it's sometimes called): I don't hate plastic surgery and I don't dislike people who have it done. Your fear of surgery will make you offer it judiciously and fear of blood will make you a very careful surgeon. I'm terrified of showing anyone, I hate to sound dramatic but the feeling I get is 'unnatural'. There are some people with no personality, but not malignancies. And that's a lot. “I hate how I look in pictures!" I phoned Dr. Hobson, and his secretary told me to not to answer any more pages, to leave the hospital, and come straight to the surgery department office. 1. Those are ideal qualities to be a doctor. Real reasons why people might choose to get cosmetic surgery:. 2. 4. I do view them as either shallow or insecure though. We wear scrubs, of course, masks, shoe coverings, and then sterile gowns and gloves. Surgeries start around 7 a.m., so I start by prepping the patient and then I have about a half hour to get them fully ready for the surgery. A win-win for the patient. And I immediately knew what she meant: I hate how how I look in pictures, too. GS is at the top of my list right now, with a surgical sub right underneath it, so I'm not biased against GS by any means, but I do think that bad attitudes beget bad attitudes, and that surgeons are as guilty of it as other MDs. The people who worked down there rarely saw a doctor, and they were patting me on the shoulder, trying to console me, saying "I hate to see a doctor cry." Here at the University of Kentucky, the specialty surgery rotations are mostly okay, it seems. They just feel wrong and I get so anxious at the thought of showing someone. Because they think it would look nice. I am the … I've been bullied (as have a LOT of, if not most people) but there's no way in hell I would change who I am because of it.