Edarabia strives to offer the latest updates, helping you find the best university in Latvia with information on tuition fees, accreditation details, videos, photos, location map, community reviews and ratings. ). Tuition Fees. The cost of studies depends on the institution and the programme being followed. This would include tuition fees for postgraduate students and undergraduate students who are from Latvia. The costs range from 1,300 EUR per year in training for social work (4 years of study) to 13,000 EUR per year for a degree in Dentistry (5 years) and up to 22,000 EUR for Master’s Degree in Business Administration. While the tuition fees in Latvia will vary depending on the chosen university and program, there is a recognizable difference in tuition rates between the local Latvian students and enrollees from other EU countries and Switzerland. The cost of studies depends on the institution and the programme being followed. Tuition fees at Latvian universities vary according to institution and program of choice. Typical tuition fees in popular study areas. Therefore, it is suggested that one pays attention to the details so as to be able to select the best university for him or herself. In Latvia, higher education institutions set their own fees. The university also offers financial aid to deserving students to assist them with tuition fee and living costs. to 14,000 EUR (15,370 USD approx. However, like in most Study abroad countries, there is a disparity in the fees paid by Latvian students on the one hand and EU and Swiss students on the other. In accordance with bilateral agreements on co-operation in education and science concluded between Latvian government and a few countries Latvia offers scholarships to foreign students, researchers and teaching staff for studies, research and participation in summer schools in Latvian higher education institutions (HEIs) in the 2020/2021 academic year. The range is from less than €1,600 per year in certain bachelor’s degree programmes (3-4 years of studies) to €15,000 per year for a degree in Dentistry (5 years) to €25,600 for Executive MBA degree. Non-EU students have to pay higher tuition fees, from 2500 EUR to over 11300 EUR per year. The cost of studies depends on the institution and the course of study. Riga Stradiņš University (RSU), the University of Latvia (LU), and the Rīga Technical University (RTU) have raised the tuition fees for the 2019./2020. Edarabia showcases all universities and colleges in Latvia which can be filtered by courses and tuition fees. 2. Tuition fees change depending on the year of the program you are studying at this cheap university in Latvia. EU students have to pay tuition fees that range from about 1200 EUR per year to over 9900 per year depending on the study program. Minimum annual tuition fee: $1,919 (EUR 1,700) Tuition fee table; Admissions; The Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies is known locally as the Latvijas Lauksaimniecības universitāte or LLU. For first-year students, they go from 1,800 EUR (1,975 USD approx.) University of Latvia Tuition Fees for International Students. It also includes undergraduate and postgraduate students from other countries of the world. academic year, reported LETA on June 30. Tuition fees. Cost of Tuition Fee in Latvia. Tuition fees for Citizens of EU and EFTA member countries, and Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey, Kosovo, Bosnia and Hercegovina Open Tuition fees for Citizens of The Commonwealth of Independent States, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine Masters in Latvia is some of the most affordable courses you can find as far as the tuition fees are concerned. Explore! Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies.